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Chef Jean Jacques Carquillat...

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Chef Jean Jacques Carquillat is a Classical Master of the French Culinary Arts. Born in Chamonix, in the French Alps, Chef Jean Jacques grew up into the culinary world. While his grandmother worked at the local hotel as chef for 47 years, the Chef began training with his father, the owner of Le Ratelier, a restaurant and club near their hometown. At the age of 15 Chef JJ headed to Paris for his first job in the esteemed Gaston Lenotre De Paris as an assistant to the pastry chef. Working in world renowned restaurants such as Fauchon in Paris, la Mirabelle in London and Ritz Carlton in Lisbon laid the groundwork for Chef's move to New York City where he was part of La Reserve and Le Bernardin. In 1996 he moved to Kingston NY, where he opened the “Le Canard Enchaine” classic French bistro become a recognized institution in the Hudson Valley.

...and le Team

Meet Chef Elvis and Chef Adrianna!

Chef Elvis leads a very talented and passionate kitchen team that prepares all the dishes with the highest level of care and attention for the ingredients and for the guests.

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